Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY - doily candle-holder

hi ladies!

today i want to show the candle-holder i made last week, it took me only a few minutes and it's pretty nice!

if you want something shabby-chic, or something romantic, this is the right DIY for you!

I only used an old doily (it's better to use a fake one, made in plastic for example.. it would be a pity to cut the ancient doily made with patience by your old granny one century ago!;)), an empty jamjar pot, and a coloured ribbon.

first step: cutting the doily accordingly to the measure of the pot. then, simply stick it (i used vinavil glue, but also spray glue would be fine).

let everything dry off, and then cut some ribbon to stick on the top of the pot.
and that's it!

very easy and very plushy, also if you use it as an ornament. but in my opinion, it gives its best when there's a candle inside! take a look:

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  1. This is so beautiful :) I love the way it looks with the candle inside