Monday, August 29, 2011

no more cicadas..

You understand your holidays are over when you wake up in the morning and the first sound you hear is no more the sound of cicadas love songs but the ringing of your alarm which urges you to go to work..

This is my new strawl bag: I was looking for a new strawl bag to replace my old one, and I found this gorgeous one in a little boutique. It's a unique piece, and it's handmade: every shell has been picked up by the designer herself, who also bought used the fishing net by local fishermen. Here it's me playing with my new bag. ;) (I also wear the H&M autumnal print dress I talked you about some posts before this one)

I loved wearing it with a long shirt I bought in Wales during my erasmus, 2 years ago (already!? it's incredible how time passes..). Actually, I don't konw the reason why I bought it, since it was always too cold to wear it anyhow.. But I finally found a way to use it, after 2 years hanged in my wardrobe. :) And I have to admit River Island never disappoints me.

Awwwww good memories..
Today just seemed not to past, it's been such a lazy and sad day at work!

Have a nice evening,


Saturday, August 13, 2011

from the mountain to the sea..

..while waiting for my bags to pack by themselves, I'm still thinking about the wonderful time I had in Bormio during the last 2 days.

It looked like being in heaven!
I'm looking forward for tomorrow night to arrive, I need some tan and Alassio and St Tropez are really cool places where to be!

Have you all great holidays, I promise I'll post some pictures again soon


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm going to leave tomorrow for 2 days at the therml baths in Bormio, Italy...
I'm really looking forward to be there!
Still, I haven't finished with packing my suitcase, and even if I'm staying out for 1 night only, I'm going to bring with me so many stuffs.. I'll never learn :S
A couple of days ago I suggested you about a very helpful web site... It should help me with packing, I still have time to put some things out!!

I want to say goodbye to you with one of my favourite pictures ever.. Taken from the movie "Up", which I love so much. <3

May you feel like being at home everywhere in the world!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

crunching leaves

Today I want to show you the adorable colour of my new H&M dress.

It's some kind of autumn leaf colour, when I first saw it it remembered me the sound of leaves crunching under my feet during walks in the woods..

My summer hasn't started yet, and I already think about autumn! :P

I hope you like my dress *


Friday, August 5, 2011

time for holidays!

I still can't believe, since 1 hour and a half, I'm FINALLY on holiday!
..and of course it's raining at the moment, and it'll be rainy for aaaaaaall the weekend. Murphy's law is always right..

I want to show you my new nail polish, it's a summer color, a strong orange that fits my mood perfectly!

How are your holidays so far?

I will relax for some days before going to the amazing thermal baths in Bormio (have a look! I'm going to the old ones, the most romantic and magic ever!!).

Looking forward to packing and travel again!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

lilac inspiration

During the past 2 weeks, my little room has been painted in lilac.

I chose this color pretty randomly, I didn't really know how it could match with the forniture, and how would the result have been...

And I've been quite surprised that it tourned out to be AMAZING.

I have to admit I found out to have thousands of stuff I didn't even remember I had... Despite this, it's always exciting to buy new pieces to provide my room with.

Now, after clearing out all my stuff from the room, it's time to put every single piece back to where it was. Actually, the walls are still empty, I have a lot of paintings I made years ago and a lot of pictures to put on. But no one is helping me with putting nails in the wall without breaking them, and without ruining the wall. :)

Right yesterday evening I went to Ikea, and I bought a lot of white frames. My idea is to have a little (or, well, not that little...) corner on one of the walls, where to put every frame next to each other.

I also bought butterfly stickers to decorate here and there.

I hope you like this color! It reminds me of spring, and provides me with a sense of peace and relaxation. Which is Veeeeery Good for me! :P

Monday, August 1, 2011

overpacking. ovvero: se lo conosci, lo eviti.

"People overpack because of timidity and fear of the unknown, both largely results of inexperience."

è il primo giorno di agosto, e vorrei poter dire che le ferie sono iniziate anche per me.. proprio ieri ho prenotato due giornate alle terme di Bormio per me e il mio ragazzo, una breve fuga romantica prima di rivedere finalmente il mare: Alassio, una breve sosta a Nizza, e poi pronti via, direzione St. Tropez.. inutile dire che non vedo l'ora!

Ora che il programma-vacanze è ben delineato, in testa iniziano già a materializzarsi pensieri e stramaledizioni riguardo il fatidico momento che precede Ogni vacanza.. ovvero: il momento della valigia.

Qualche tempo fa ho scoperto un sito che in molte occasioni mi è risultato davveeeeero utile:

La grafica e l'impaginazione non sono il massimo, lo ammetto, ma raccoglie un sacco di consigli veramente ingegnosi su questo "rito" che per molti di noi diventa quasi una tortura..
Prima di tutto, è necessario scegliere una valigia di dimensioni e materiale adatto al viaggio che si sta per intraprendere (e già questa può essere un'operazione difficile...).

Segue "packing list", qualcosa che mi appartiene come fosse parte di me, che scrivo liste in pratica per qualsiasi cosa, a maggior ragione se non voglio dimenticare nulla di quello che è INDISPENSABILE portare in vacanza (settantacinque canottiere, novantotto patalonicini, trentordici paia di scarpe... come si dice? JUST IN CASE).
Inoltre, alzi la mano chi di voi non ha MAI avuto un punto interrogativo stampato in fronte al momento di dover piegare una camicia in dimensioni mignon per farla stare all'interno di un bagaglio 10x15. ecco, ci siamo capiti... date una rapida occhiata al sito e osserverete come sia facile adottare una miriade di sagaci accorgimenti per non arrivare a destinazione con una valigia piena di straccetti, tutti da stirare.

Seguono consigli su: cosa poter portare in aereo; occhio al peso; a ogni valigia un suo perchè; piccola biblioteca da viaggio; riesamina finale prima della fatidica partenza, e molto altro.
Quindi, prima di partire per le vostre attesissime e chichissime vacanze, promettete che vi impegnerete a rendere la vostra valigia un posto più vivibile...
fatemi sapere poi com è andata. ;)
Buone vacanze a tutti!