Monday, August 29, 2011

no more cicadas..

You understand your holidays are over when you wake up in the morning and the first sound you hear is no more the sound of cicadas love songs but the ringing of your alarm which urges you to go to work..

This is my new strawl bag: I was looking for a new strawl bag to replace my old one, and I found this gorgeous one in a little boutique. It's a unique piece, and it's handmade: every shell has been picked up by the designer herself, who also bought used the fishing net by local fishermen. Here it's me playing with my new bag. ;) (I also wear the H&M autumnal print dress I talked you about some posts before this one)

I loved wearing it with a long shirt I bought in Wales during my erasmus, 2 years ago (already!? it's incredible how time passes..). Actually, I don't konw the reason why I bought it, since it was always too cold to wear it anyhow.. But I finally found a way to use it, after 2 years hanged in my wardrobe. :) And I have to admit River Island never disappoints me.

Awwwww good memories..
Today just seemed not to past, it's been such a lazy and sad day at work!

Have a nice evening,



  1. Finite le vacanze? :)la borsa marina da una super sensazione d'estate!!!

  2. Bellissima la borsa! Dove sei stata in vacanza?? ;-)

  3. wow...borsa stupenda! ♥ Decorazioni davvero azzeccate!!!!!!!! :) un bacioneeeeeeee

  4. che bella!

    xoxo from rome