Saturday, September 24, 2011

lil' cutie!

Talking again about hair..
Here's what I did this afternoon.
What do you think about my new blondie look? ;)
Many thanks to the amaaaaazing app I downloaded on my boyfriend's iPad: everything's so clear now! I could became a modern Twiggy. :P


Sunday, September 18, 2011

curly or straight?

It was a week ago when I decided to straighten my hair after 4 years of curls and waves..
Hair Really make one person's face. And I didn't like me with straight hair. Definitely!

What do you think?

Now, while it's raining outside, I'll lay on my bed and glance at the millions of fashion magazines I've stoard up during these days when I was busy in planning my boyfriend birthday's surprise-party. It has been a success, I'm so proud of my organizational skills!
I'll post some pictures of friday night soon. There have been an amazing Nutella-party.. Everything was so perfect I still can't believe it really happened!

Have a sweet sunday evening

Thursday, September 8, 2011

VFNO? naaaaaa..

Yes, I know. I should be in Milan at the moment, I should walk down Montenapoleone street with loads of shopping bags labelled VFNO (.. if you're still wondering what VFNO means, you can close this page. lol)..
I'm almost sleepy in my room, and it's a mercy I'm here, because.. if I was in Milan, I would have been working. :P
In P&S shop in Montenapoleone is going on an event, with Riccardo Scamarcio as special guest. I've seen a picture of the area taken a few minutes ago, and people's going wild for him.. I'm so lucky I haven't seen Scamarcio, because if I would it'd have been because I was working. These have been such caothic days at work, my poor collegues have started their day at 08.30 this morning, and will finish working at 01.00 tonight.. When I'll be sleeping since a lot of time. :D

So, my VFNO has been a in-my-room-while-hitting-nails-in-the-wall in order to (finally) hang my lovely pictures and frames. Quite fashionable, isn't this?!

How has your Vogue Fashion's Night Out been?

In order to keep the fashion-topic updated, I will show you my last purchase (monday's such a good day for shopping!), this green skull scarf (some kind of McQueen style) I fell in love with.