Saturday, June 30, 2012

sweet saturday morning

Hello ladies!It's finally weekend.. I've had quite a hard week at workactually, so I decided to start the weekend in a sweet way: with coconut sweets!

These are the ingredients:
- Pavesini (it's a particular kind of Italian biscuit, very soft and light.. Here you will find more information and a picture), if you don't have these you can also use a different kind of biscuit, but soft and thin
- a bowl full of coffee (in order to cool it down, you'll need some ice also)
- mascarpone cheese (you know it, don't you!? the soft cheese used for preparing cakes and creams!)
- coconut powder
- a tray, big enough to put all your sweets!

The receipt is very easy.
Just pour some coffee into a bowl and let it cool down.
Then, soak Pavesini biscuits into coffee, and put them in the tray. second step: put some mascarpone cheese all around Pavesini, and cover the biscuit with an empty one.
Final step: roll the "Pavesini sandwich" into the coconut powder (preferably in a flat plate). When you think you have enough Pavesini sandwiches, cover the tray with some protective film and put the tray in the fridge for a couple of hours.
The coconut sweets will taste DELICIOUS!

I hope you will enjoy these sweets :) Have a lovely Saturday!



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sweet doin'nothing

I am Back from the seaside since 4days, and am Still depressed.. Working doesn't help much!;)
Here some pictures of the lovely place in Italy i went to. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

MY summer'12 must-have

I'm packing! I am leaving this evening with my boyfriend, just 2 days at the seaside to recharge our batteries before August holidays.. We are staying there on monday and tuesday, I took 2 days off from work (yay!). These unconventional trips are because I have the fortune (or the misfortune?;)) of having a boyfriend whose job is cook.. So, when everyone else is on holiday, or enjoys his weekend, he has to work!  And I consider myself like a modern Penelope.. Who saws the shroud while she waits for Odysseus to come back home. Same for me. The only difference is that instead of sawing the shroud, I put studs to clothes. Quite the same actually!

BUT. Let's go back to the main issue: PACKING!
These are my must-have for the first 2-days-break of my summer.
Tell me which are yours!

My new Oysho bikini, twisted top, with little yellow pois on a wonderful navy.


Bangles: the more, the better! You can also wear them on the beach, and in my opinion is the only accesory which should be accepted also when you're sunbathing.. Classy and funny, and they're never too many!

My new Abercrombie plastic flip-flops, in the fluo color which is the trend of this summer! (I'm telling you a secret.. They're from Abercrombie Kids! Colors are the same, sized can fix you perfectly, BUT you will spend a lot less! ;)) These are from Abercrombie - Milan.

My old, dear, beloved, Wayfarer. Always on the first place of my personal Sunglasses chart, these are particular chic because of the turtle color. Ray Ban!

Fresh, elegant, sensual. The best for your summer nights, Acqua di Gioia is quickly becoming my favourite perfume. And it's the one I chose for this little holiday.

This is a long gipsy skirt I bought at Promode a few days ago. It seems to be fresh, and I love the way it swirls! It's a little shorter on the front, and longer behind. This would be perfect with sandals!

This lace top is from Saint Tropez, I bought it last summer during a wonderful holiday and I am surely going to wear it also this summer.. The orange-pink color is amazing, perfect with denim shorts and flip flops. And the lace pattern behind is so classy!

Swatch plastic watch with double band, turquoise. I love it!

..Now, I have to go back to my suitcase..
See you soon! <3

Thursday, June 14, 2012

moleskine lover

it's so smart, so elegant, so minimal. and it perfectly fits your everyday-bag.
only black outside, but you can never know what's hiding inside..
this is mine. from last year. enjoy <3

Sunday, June 10, 2012

the best way to start a new day

linen sheets that softly caress you
a cup of coffee ready fir you in the kitchenthe
the text message your boyfriend sent you, in which he wishes you good morning
the biscuit you start the day with (my favourite is an oval one, an embrace of chocolate and cream.. delicious)
fresh water on your face as you get off the bed
the scent of lavender on your hand towel
the soft veil of cream before you put on the make up
a bunch of fresh flowers and their parfume
the sound of an italian song while you choose what to wear (i can't stop listening to this.. it's called "La Notte dei desideri", which means "the night of wishes".. and the video also is great! min. 1.00 is amazing. ;)

..this morning opens up fantastic possibilities.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Despite my busy days at work, I always save a few time for shopping..
And this is what I bought this week!
Enjoy your week-end shopping ladies! ;)

Cruciani bracelets, colors Navy and Light Green (aren't they lovely!? it's the must-have for this summer!)

Zara studded dark grey tee (it looks like the skull is smiling.. isn't it funny!? :))

 Zara linen tops, colour Coral and Light Green

Zara skinny denim trousers, colour Orange

Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's incredible how chaos self-generates itself in my room.. Today i had a situation with scarves and foulards. I could have them no more here and there in the house! So.. This is what happened. I accept bets on how long will the order last!;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

TheAnswerIsBlowin'InTheWind..'s weird how the world smiles to me when I tidy my wardrobe up!
I still have clothes I wore 6-7 years ago, when I had a total different look and fashion was not so important to me. I saved only a little, and feel a lot better despite I threw some pieces of clothing that had a link to some memories..
And it's amazing how good I feel when I pack all the old stuff up in order to bring them to the charit shop. Do you also feel the same sensation? :)
I want to celebrate this windy day (and we, ladies, know the effects of wind on our mood..) with these wonderful pictures.
Enjoy your weekend with those you love! <3