Thursday, November 17, 2011

graduated.. and now.. Paris! with my new LV bag

Hi ladies!

It has been a long and hard week, this is the reason I didn't tell you anything about my degree and the outfit I chose for that day..
But here I am!
I graduated on November, 10th and it was a really beautiful day, despite the fog (quite usual in Milan actually..). Everything was perfect and I had people I love around me, so what else could I ask for!?

I wore P&S clothes, among them you can see one of my favourites of this period.. This amazing knitted striped coat. Do you like it? A white shirt with rouches, black trousers and a pair of heels completed the look.
Simple but elegant!
And how couldn't I mention my Armani varnished bag?

Some of the gifts I received are these earrings and this necklace by Tiffany, I'm so in love with them!

And I could not believe I've been gifted the LV bag I talked about in the previous post (there's a picture there). It's really the best accessory I've ever had (well.. So far!;)). You're gonna see me wear it soon!

As soon as I'm finishing to write this post I'm going to pack my bag 'cause tomorrow I'm going to fly to.. PARIS! I'm really looking forward to being there (with my new LV bag! <3), and I'm sure I'm going to have a wonderful time with my boyfriend.
I'll be back on Monday, so have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

graduation nightmares.. but the dream of a new Bag solves everything!

Hi everyone!
I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a while, but.. I'm going to graduate next thursday, and I'm quite busy and anxious at the moment! I'm really looking forward for everything to finish, it's much more stressing than I thought it could be!
You would be surprised hearing this, but.. I still don't know what to wear. And this is driving me CRAZY! Any suggestions?!
Another bad thing is that my graduation day will be on the 10th, and my birthday on the 11th.. Too many occasions in such a short time.

And now.. Let's talk about PRESENTS ;);)

What I dream of is the Delightful Bag by Louis Vuitton, but I have to admit it's far expensive and it could remain in list of must-have.. But I keep dreaming, who knows?, some dreams could become true. ;)

I'll write back again as soon as this study-filled days will be over. ;)