Sunday, June 17, 2012

MY summer'12 must-have

I'm packing! I am leaving this evening with my boyfriend, just 2 days at the seaside to recharge our batteries before August holidays.. We are staying there on monday and tuesday, I took 2 days off from work (yay!). These unconventional trips are because I have the fortune (or the misfortune?;)) of having a boyfriend whose job is cook.. So, when everyone else is on holiday, or enjoys his weekend, he has to work!  And I consider myself like a modern Penelope.. Who saws the shroud while she waits for Odysseus to come back home. Same for me. The only difference is that instead of sawing the shroud, I put studs to clothes. Quite the same actually!

BUT. Let's go back to the main issue: PACKING!
These are my must-have for the first 2-days-break of my summer.
Tell me which are yours!

My new Oysho bikini, twisted top, with little yellow pois on a wonderful navy.


Bangles: the more, the better! You can also wear them on the beach, and in my opinion is the only accesory which should be accepted also when you're sunbathing.. Classy and funny, and they're never too many!

My new Abercrombie plastic flip-flops, in the fluo color which is the trend of this summer! (I'm telling you a secret.. They're from Abercrombie Kids! Colors are the same, sized can fix you perfectly, BUT you will spend a lot less! ;)) These are from Abercrombie - Milan.

My old, dear, beloved, Wayfarer. Always on the first place of my personal Sunglasses chart, these are particular chic because of the turtle color. Ray Ban!

Fresh, elegant, sensual. The best for your summer nights, Acqua di Gioia is quickly becoming my favourite perfume. And it's the one I chose for this little holiday.

This is a long gipsy skirt I bought at Promode a few days ago. It seems to be fresh, and I love the way it swirls! It's a little shorter on the front, and longer behind. This would be perfect with sandals!

This lace top is from Saint Tropez, I bought it last summer during a wonderful holiday and I am surely going to wear it also this summer.. The orange-pink color is amazing, perfect with denim shorts and flip flops. And the lace pattern behind is so classy!

Swatch plastic watch with double band, turquoise. I love it!

..Now, I have to go back to my suitcase..
See you soon! <3


  1. I love your watch!

  2. Great collection of bangles! x

  3. Costume carinissimo :D Reb, xoxo.
    PS: Nuovo post sul mio blog dedicato al
    SUPER HEROES PARTY by LUISAVIAROMA :) eccoti il link:

  4. Love the rings! :)
    I've just found your blog and I think it's really inspiring!
    It will be and honor for me if you can visit mine and if you want to follow it will be a pleasure to follow back!♥

  5. this post makes me want to go to the beach! Great clothes and accessories!