Wednesday, August 3, 2011

lilac inspiration

During the past 2 weeks, my little room has been painted in lilac.

I chose this color pretty randomly, I didn't really know how it could match with the forniture, and how would the result have been...

And I've been quite surprised that it tourned out to be AMAZING.

I have to admit I found out to have thousands of stuff I didn't even remember I had... Despite this, it's always exciting to buy new pieces to provide my room with.

Now, after clearing out all my stuff from the room, it's time to put every single piece back to where it was. Actually, the walls are still empty, I have a lot of paintings I made years ago and a lot of pictures to put on. But no one is helping me with putting nails in the wall without breaking them, and without ruining the wall. :)

Right yesterday evening I went to Ikea, and I bought a lot of white frames. My idea is to have a little (or, well, not that little...) corner on one of the walls, where to put every frame next to each other.

I also bought butterfly stickers to decorate here and there.

I hope you like this color! It reminds me of spring, and provides me with a sense of peace and relaxation. Which is Veeeeery Good for me! :P


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  2. Love this color, your room looks so pretty!

  3. complimenti! é venuta benissimo!
    E poi...hai comprato il topoooo!! Stupendo ;)

  4. Ciao cara,come stai?
    Mi piace moltissimo come è venuta la tua stanza!Ma sono un pò di parte perchè ho un debole per i rosa e i lilla:)
    Carinissima la lanterna che ho acquistato anch'io in nero!

  5. this color is very pretty... - and your blog too :)

  6. Ciao, Bella. I just found your cute blog and am now following you. Stop by and visit my blog sometime too!

    ciao from California

  7. vivi non ho la tua partecipazione, ri compila il form!

  8. My friend wants to paint her room lilac too, if you dont want to put holes in your wall use command strips! They are what they recommend for my college dorms and work really well!


  9. Absolutely amazing color adds just the right amount too xx