Thursday, February 2, 2012


The cold weather of these days inspired me this post..
As of course Winter Sales did!

Here are some of my latest buyings..

I took advantage of free shipping days for ordering this lovely jacket, color olive green, I had my eyes on since months:

Isn't it amazing!? And abercrombie sales are really worthwhile!
(Fur is fake, of course)

Then, while accompanying a friend of mine that was looking for her graduation's dress, I couldn't resist and I bought this bag by LiuJo:

I consider it more than amazing! Green is also my favourite colour, and I think it'll be fantastic in spring. I have to admit it was not on sales :P But it's a glam buying, which I can not refuse!

Moreover, I bought this 3 dressed, no branded actually, but really soft and easy-to-wear, also when it'll get warmer:

..And more yet to come!

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  1. The weather in my country is freezing as well! I love everything you bought, especially the parka!