Sunday, October 16, 2011

grisly.. but interesting

I was slipping through a famous italian magazine, when I found out this exhibition that is taking place in Rome and will go on until february: Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS.

Gunther von Hagen is the master of a special tecnique called plastination, created for preserving biological tissues.

In his exhibition you can find real bodies, real people, who offered their own (dead) bodies to Science and Medicine, in order to reveal their inner anatomical structures.

The pictures taken from the exhibitions are very strong and touching, but you can not avoid to feel some kind of curiosity about that, and this is the real intent of the creator of the show. Take a look!

You can find out more here and here

What do you think about it? If I'd live closer to Rome I'd love to visit this weird exhibition.. Even if it would be probable I could feel like faint! ;)



  1. Thank you dear! wish you the same :)

  2. tutto scritto in lingua inglese, complimenti! davvero complimenti!

    passa dame se ti va ;)

  3. Is sort of creepy and don't know how I feel about seeing the exhibit. It's a good thing that their used for science purpose but don't want to see them myself :(

    PS. Just added you as a FB friend!!! Come visit soon doll.

    <3 Marina